General information about the Puszta

    The Puszta, German also written as Pußta, is a landscape region in Hungary.
    There are 7 different Puszta in Hungary. It constitutes the main part of the country.
    The landscape consists of more tree-poor quilts with strongly continental climate.
    Originally desert the landscape with meager vegetation, which could be used only as Viehweide, in the meantime was cultivated, the original Pusztalandschaft finds large one only at few places, for example with Hortobágy.

    The soil consists to a large extent of sand.
    But the groundwater level is very high, so that trees and shrubs are supplied the whole year with water.
    The high groundwater level makes possible also the typical construction of the Hungarian “Ziehbrunnen”.

    Puszta is called in a general manner about solitude and pastureland. The term occurs also in some place names.
    East of Debrecen the forest area of the so-called “ErdÅ‘s Puszta” lies, translates a forest solitude.