Customer letters :

    Hello Dr. Schwarz,
    first of all: thank you for the absolutely correct and competent completion with our house buying. As I already said to you locally, one is somewhat uncertain and perhaps sometimes overcautious with a so important thing, where it concerns much money. However very soon all doubts could be eliminated by your reliable proceeding. It ran everything to our fullest satisfaction. Owing to your co-ordination the house buying could be completed fast, unbureaucratically and unproblematically. We would like here also still your team and your coworker, which Thomas, our thanks to express. We can recommend most warmly the company Balaton real estates to each prospective customer.

    We hope, we in Keszthely will still often see ourselves. Up to then all property and further much success!

    Ildiko Schiller
    Franc Hetzenecker

    Technical periodical

    Tel.: Germany 0211 - 516049-15

    Hello Mr. Schwarz,

    We came well home.
    Again thank you for everything, by your protruding work are we
    now lucky owners of house in Hungary.

    The somewhat unusual kind of the completion with cash, had us nevertheless
    at the beginning somewhat distrustfully made, but you completed that perfectly.

    One can have 100% confidence to you. We know you and your company only
    in the best way recommending. Also your service before and after the purchase is first-class.

    Without you we would not so fast have created the jungle of the bureaucracy.

    Again thank you.

    Many greetings from the beautiful Eberbach/Germany
    Bodo and Bianca Mueller


    Real estate acquisition in Hungary

    A good decision!

    The dream of the payable home of one's own? A age resting seat, where make different vacation?
    A real estate at the disk lake? From a respectable broker or even on search go?
    But it prevails a language barrier, the customs of the market, just as, one does not know the there legal erring and we run gene also. What do?

    Only times in the Internet look.

    An enormous selection of possibilities opens immediately. Most diverse offers of most diverse brokers and private individuals. Much that did not help one also, except perhaps a rough conception of the prices, which are required for most different objects.

    Many questions remain actually experiencing openly and over the market have one also nothing useful. Perhaps do I know someone, which can help me there further? Or perhaps I turn to a German real estate enterprise? But know each other really out? Questions over questions and many uncertainties determine these first steps.

    But before spending money on a journey in the uncertain, in order to look at itself at random something,
    one wants to know nevertheless at least, on which one has to respect. Completely without knowledge one does not want to fall into the hands of „real estate sharks “, over which one heard already so much in the media. It concerns finally much money!

    Around a journey to Hungary one does not come drum rum. Thus pack the suit-cases and the pleasant with the useful one connect. Beautiful marks seeking themselves and first contacts attach, which look at in or other object and besides still another beautiful vacation spend.
    Thus off into the cave of the lion, objects look at and some copies of these „sharks “personally to know learn. One does not want the cat in the bag to buy and to those the money simply in such a way into the throat throw.
    As already the old Lenin said: „Confidence is good, control is better “. A personal impression, bring more than 1000 Internet sides provide too durchstöbern.

    Again back in Germany that can be done to mirror-image moose from the front loosely. Again in the Internet, if necessary further Exposés of objects looks to send itself does not leave confidence to etc. one yet drew so correctly and the Hungarian property market knows one still only superficially.

    Afterwards one can say that it goes also more simply. One must know stop, to whom one can turn.

    Due to personal experience we can recommend the professional proceeding, but at the same time also friendly and cordial kind of Mr. Schwarz to you much. Unobstrusive and patient he prepared us the necessary information. He explained the conditions to us approximately around country and people and was us with its Hungarian co-operation partners a safe pilot in the depths of the Hungarian bureaucracy.

    Mr. Schwarz is a connoisseur of the market with good contacts, which will competently support you with your search. Its open kind and its „Palatinate-charming“ facilitate the entrance for you into the world „of the Balaton real estates “. Essentially, expert and unbureaucratic he accompanies you on your way to the dream real estate at the disk lake.

    In own thing we would like particularly to emphasize that it concerned in our contact with Mr. Schwarz not always only „the business “, but always sufficient place remained, in order to bring up for discussion our personal uncertainties and fears, desires and expectations, so that we have the feeling a good decision to have met which becomes fair our needs and conceptions.
    The purchase of a real estate depends not only on the purchase sum, but is primarily a decision for the life.
    In it Mr. Schwarz took us very seriously. That is not natural!

    It was not an easy decision to leave Germany (because of imaginary reasons).

    We proceeded in accordance with the slogan:
    1. Information catch up
    2. Object acquire
    3. Object optimize

    To 1
    Preliminary work took approx. 1 year, 4 x Hungary journey (meeting with three offerers),
    no result! !

    To 1 + 2
    Owing to Balaton real estate service BT to 15.05.06 (few days!!) through
    intensive, comprehensive consulting discussions with Dr. Schwarz and
    , We found and acquired the suitable object to Mr. Siewert.

    To 3
    z.Zt. participate we.

    We profited from the large international wealth of experience, thus in the theoretical one - Dr. Schwarz -, as in the pragmatic one - Mr. Siewert -.

    Both gentlemen made our decision very easy - in few days -.

    As far as we can judge it, the company is well set up and structured.
    E.g. frame:
    clear task distribution
    Interfaces are clear and clear
    Flexibility is not a foreign word etc. etc.

    It is advisable to call the homepage of the company.
    After our experiences after, we can confirm that and far beyond that!
    There you have a detailed, comprehensive overview of firm philosophy.

    It is exaggerated, rather modest in no way, what we were allowed to experience, under the generic term customer service, forwards, during and after the acquisition of the object (absolute, global support).
    Us part became to receive the most precious.

    Significant sales talks
    enough time
    comprehensive conception of the region

    Also social conditions are with the determining gentlemen - Dr. Schwarz and gentleman. They value arranged.

    Result: We can confirm the preamble of the company to a large extent.
    To date we are with the arrangement (that to hardly over-bid is) also
    the above-mentioned gentlemen more than contently!!

    HP: To further information we stand naturally gladly for order.

    Please you contact Dr. Schwarz

    To the conclusion, a populist remark:
    Despite foreign stay of several years (among other things Spain, Hungary etc.), have
    Dr. Schwarz and Mr. Siewert „the Palatinate“-mentality to a large extent maintain.

    With very best greetings
    Family Kertesz

    Dear Dr. Schwarz and Team

    We would like to thank you in this way again
    quite cordially for your honest one and correct employment
    our house buying in Balatonederics.
    Our completion entire house buying, speak notary, attorney and bank with your support and your team marvelously and without complications great folded.
    To which we were partly still in Germany, we knew that we can count on you and your team for 100% . They worried during our absence about everything.

    It is not settled with the house buying thereby, no, it also a marvelous friendship developed, of which we are very proud.
    The support by your competent company was singular.
    For the future we wish you all property and further much success.
    We will continue to recommend you to in any case with good conscience

    Yours Fr. Issig and H. Nix

    Hello, Herr/Fr. Schwarz

    I appreciated your information very much.
    I state that her thereby a very respectable impression on me made. Such a respectable
    many offerers do not make impression with EBay unfortunately.
    The house placed by you originally appeared to me
    attractively - however I have from your information
    seen that it is distant from the lake nevertheless somewhat further.
    I had differently assumed this, than I had looked for the location of the house over on-line route planner.
    Because of your seriosity I become your future offers
    of course continue to pursue - I believe, EBay am a good platform for this.

    Yours sincerely,
    Reinhard Huber

    Anita Hartmann
    Schaderhohlweg 45

    61462 Königstein

    I became acquainted with the company Balaton real estate Service BT over Ebay,
    The objects stopped there were more beautiful and more inexpensive compared with other brokers.

    After the establishment of contact short time the data of the company Balaton real estates were conveyed to me later. On the HP could I further objects and information about Hungary and the disk lake look at myself.

    Mr. Schwarz von Balaton Real estate called me on the same day to a first discussion. I was advised in detail over a house buying in Hungary. After some further discussions I have to travel myself decided to the Balaton.
    I was very friendly received and brought into my inexpensive accommodation.
    On the next morning we are broken open to the first inspection route. The day was spent in very loose and friendly atmosphere and everything was exactly the same as Mr. Schwarz had before said.

    In the evening I was invited to the meal and one was shown me Keszthely.

    My house I found on the next day, it was exactly the same as I it introduced myself. Unfortunately unexpected family problems came to me and I could to today the conveyance not make.

    Finally I would like to say that I was and am at the company Balaton real estates in very good hands. All people are correct and very recommendable.

    They can reach me at any time telephone around further information to receive.


    Hartmann Anita
    P.S.:: A house in Hungary I will buy in any case and only with Mr. Schwarz and his partner Mr. Siewert.

    Emanuel Kluck
    Ernst-Lemmer-Str. 17
    26131 Oldenburg

    Reference letter

    Dear Mr. Schwarz,
    first thank you, also in the name of my family, for the outstanding support concerning the acquisition of a property in Hungary. I informed in the apron and you me by the acquaintance was already recommended. Not least because of that variety and the low price level of the offered objects, I decided fast to give the Balaton real estates the order for me a suitable object to find. Their team and you made possible for me due to your technical authority within shortest time to find a suitable property. I was accepted very cordially by you, for which I would like myself to thank you here cordially. I will naturally continue to recommend and make you me happy on future co-operation with you and your team.

    Yours sincerely,

    Emanuel Kluck

    For the first-class support by the Balaton real estates BT I would like to thank you in this way cordially
    This outstanding support (consultation with the purchase of my property, completion of the purchase of land, fiscal consultation) saved me very many time and costs.
    Although I had through my stay of several years in Budapest all right good knowledge of Hungary, me the consultation was by the Balaton real estates BV a useful assistance.
    The outstanding expertise of Dr. Schwarz and its team help me within only 2 weeks to find my dream property at the Balaton.
    To that extent I can recommend in the best way the company Balaton real estates BT to each real estate prospective customer.
    Gladly I am to real estate prospective customers for further inquiries at the disposal.

    My address:
    Dipl.Kfm., Dipl. Hdl. Torsten-Henner Kraft, PhD (USA)
    Salbeistr. 27
    D-26129 Oldenburg
    Tel. Mobil: 0160 99 67 2040

    Thomas und Petra Rudolf
    Weilerstr. 35
    72108 Rottenburg

    Real estate acquisition in Hungary

    On the search for an attractive location and a good investment, also regarding worse and worse the chances for an appropriate retirement, becoming in Germany, we decided to look for each other in Hungary at the Balaton an appropriate real estate. Since we looked for an object directly at the lake, we arrived over Internet at Mr. Schwarz and its team. The contact was made first smoothly by email.
    Each question to an object was precisely answered. In order to make itself before the journey a picture, us appropriate photos were problem-free sent by email.
    We had selected ourselves first a house directly at the lake, but it unfortunately met our taste not completely.
    Since sea-properties were not to be gotten unfortunately as well as no more, we were nevertheless disappointed in the first moment a little. But Mr. Schwarz did not leave us in the pass, it had still another sea-property in his offer, which corresponded to our conceptions. The following purchase completions ran without complications.
    A notary date was found fast, the law office worked absolutely correctly.
    And after few instants we already were in the possession of our property. Also the further support beyond the real estate range is exemplary.
    Due to past business process are we much content and become continue to co-operate therefore with Mr. Schwarz.
    We can recommend „the real estate team Schwarz” at any time.

    Family Rudolf

    Hermann u. Magdalena Wenkstern
    Ziegeleistr. 49 A
    22113 Oststeinbek

    Balaton-Immobilien-Service BT
    Gödörhazy u. 10
    8315 Gyenesdias

    Dear Dr. Schwarz

    We would like to thank you in this way again quite cordially for your
    honest and correct employment with our house selling in
    Balatonederics .

    Particularly since we were very much disappointed by other real estate companies.
    The support by your competent company was singular.
    For the future we wish you all property and further much success.
    We will continue to recommend you to in any case with good conscience.

    Cordial greeting

    Hermann Wenkstern
    Magdalena Wenkstern