Everything speaks for a real estate in Hungary:

    Reliably you place yourselves the question, why you should acquire a real estate in Hungary.
    The answers are as various, as the country.
    Therefore we tell you here a little of us and the facts, that speak for Hungary:

    We are at home at the southwest Balaton (Keszthely and therapeutic bath Hévíz).
    A beautiful far country with hills and lakes, with friendly people and approx. 2000 sun hours in the year.

    To the costs here:

    The cost of living amounts to approx. 250,- €uro per person and month so this is more favourably than in other European countries.
    The value upward gradient of a real estate lies for the moment with approx. 10 to 15% in the year, tendency rising.
    The costs with the purchase of a real estate amount to approximately 1,000, - €uro.
    The infrastructure (physicians, hospitals, supermarkets etc.) is excellent.
    The legal health insurance company accounts with your health insurance company in the country of origin if necessary.
    The property insurance is with on the average 150, - €uro annually.
    The interests on bank loans for Forint are with approx. 6 - 8% annually for fixed plant.
    In the interior 1m² costs development land starting from 2 €uro.
    With a small city approx. 3 €uro to 10 €uro. At the Balaton starting from 30, - €uro.
    These prices are approximate values and can regionally deviate.
    The offered objects are in the north and southwest side of the Balaton, not far of Keszthely the secret capital of the Balaton.
    The well-known thermal bath Hévíz lies likewise in the proximity.
    The places are suitable due to the flat, slowly dropping beach particularly for families with children.
    The offered houses and properties are mostly calmly convenient.
    The Balaton and/or the bathing beach can be attained to foot, like also grocer's shops,
    Restaurants etc. The offered real estates are sold directly by private.
    Of course we are also able to offer houses and properties into other regions at the Balaton.
    Although a light wind blows nearly constantly from the northern hill country, which blows up the sails and crinkles the glittering water level of the sea, the Balaton belongs because of its shallow water
    - the deepest place measures only 12.4 m - not to the feared lakes.
    The valuable natural minerals of volcanic rocks of the environment washed by the rain is the cause of the easily alkaline water, which lets the waves appear so soft and pleasant.
    The sea-soil consists, particularly on the flatter south bank, of soft sand.
    The water warms up with the first spring sunbeams quite fast.
    The more courageous ones can bathe and swim at the end of of May with approximately 17 - 18 degrees C.
    On hot days reaches the water already once a temperature of 27-28 degrees C.

    Since that to 01.05.2004 Hungary belongs now to the European Union.
    For all those, which had still doubts, in addition, for the many still undetermined ones
    and being waiting we have some interesting information on our sides surely.

    One of the important information in front.
    For years far away a well-known proverb of a famous politician attains now nevertheless increasing meaning:
    „The one who comes too late,…!“

    For years we are trust with the sales of real estates in Hungary.
    We pointed out again and again that the real estate prices in Hungary will continue to rise also entry date coming more near .
    Each year we were confirmed in our prognoses.
    Thus the prices rose also in the region preferred by us since 1996 around partly more than 100%
    and this also without a being certain entry date.

    Our sides are meant for people, carrying the thought to acquire a little house in Hungary,
    and for those who have enough of the stress and the hectically of the daily life in Western Europe.

    High unemployment and always far rising cost of living within the last years already arranged many people in Germany to step out.
    Many of them dared also a new start in Hungary.

    In the past two years we had also increase inquiries of German, Swiss and Austrians, who sell their real estate in other countries again to establish themselves in Hungary.

    In Hungary, one finds the desired peace and relaxation to the country, which connects central and Eastern Europe, meets nice, unlocked and above all expressed hospitable and contact-joyful people, who are closely connected with its homeland and culture.

    With the acquisition of a real estate in Hungary, it is as holiday house, house or age resting seat, you can also turn out a life in peace and harmony.

    We will admit you with our region in Hungary, and point out to you, how to acquire your real estate surely and favourably there.

    Under the column houses you’ll find a representative selection about using real estates in different price categories.
    Here we must point out however that itself the real estate offer, possibly also the purchase prices, due to that far rising demand - under the European Union entry of Hungary carried out now - nearly daily changes.

    However always comparable objects can be proven.
    Usually our prospective customers found their desire object after two inspection days.
    We can likewise offer change work in good quality and at acceptable prices.
    Reference objects can be visited at any time.

    It should turn out with the inspection of the real estates that no suitable object is in the offer,
    thus we offer to you naturally to investigate after an object of your desires.

    A reasonable alternative would be in this case in addition, the new building of a house on a property of your choice.

    Since that time many of our customers used and were this possibility and/or are very content.

    Demand us to content you also !